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Ad Funded Company Profile Magazine

Ideal for small to medium sized companies with suppliers, trades and business partners.

Funded by advertising support from suppliers, trades and businesses partners so it comes at no cost to your business.

Digital and hard copies are provided ensuring all demographics are covered for distribution.

About High Style

For more than 15 years we have worked with companies to achieve their marketing, advertising, and design goals. We understand each client is different and so are their needs. With that in mind, we offer a variety of unique and cost-effective options.

High Style uses a unique advertising-funded program to produce high quality printed and digital company profile magazines at no cost to your company by way of supplier/vendor support. We provide our customers with printed copies of the magazine as well as a complimentary interactive digital magazine which allows for unlimited use and distribution. The interactive digital magazine allows users to display their magazine on their website, social media pages, send the magazine by email, etc.

High Style is proud to offer our new and unique PANORAMIC magazine layout which allows your images to really shine and showcase your business and what you offer. Images can be used at a wider width, meaning landscape images can be used across a full page without needing to be cropped. This beautiful layout can be used for any of our digital and printed company profile magazines and if you go with the advertising-funded program, this comes at no cost to your business to have an amazing, impressive company profile magazine!

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Market Your Business For Free – We offer advertising/vendor funded digital & printed company profile magazines and corporate brochures that come at no cost to your business!

We are ideal for any businesses such as: Home Builders, Industrial/Manufacturing, Auto Dealership, Auto Body Shops and much more..

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