There is no doubt that the strategic combination of print marketing and digital advertising can create a huge impact on your business. This two-pronged approach has become a necessity in today’s competitive business environment to maintain an appropriate intensity of touch points with potential buyers. The more impressions, the higher the chance of favourable action. Although there is no doubt that the digital world is the leading advertising media today, print advertising is beneficial due to several key reasons.

Targeted marketing

Printing and distributing a magazine, brochure or newsletter that has content that can be read by a large variety of your Winnipeg clientele ensures that you maximize your reach. You are strategically reaching out to a large audience who are interested in your subject and are most likely to purchase your product. With print marketing, you can target your customers with their demographics. For instance, your content about ‘how to find a job in Winnipeg’ may be more targeted and more likely to drive action than being written in a newspaper meant for second careers.


Targeted print advertising is more cost-effective as your advertisement reaches the maximum audience it intends to reach. That way your advertising or marketing efforts are not wasted. For instance, advertising in a local newspaper will ensure that people living in Winnipeg know about your printing business, but advertising in a business brochure ensures potential business clients will know about your business.


On average, people spend only 15 seconds scanning a website, even if you may have gotten it designed from Winnipeg’s best website designing services company. But when it comes to print advertising, people are more likely to pay attention to what you have written or illustrated. In fact, research also shows that reading is one of the best ways to retain the memory of something. This means if your potential customer reads about your business they are more likely to retain that information.

Safety and violation

Although digital media is one of the most growing and popular kinds of advertising and marketing media, it brings significant risk with itself due to an increasing number of scams and frauds being committed worldwide by fake businesses. With print media, the risks associated are perceived to be exceptionally lower in comparison and your audience is more likely to conduct business. A certain element of safety is associated with companies that have a print existence.


When people subscribe to your newspaper, magazine or newsletter, there is a higher chance of them continuing to read your material for longer, eventually engaging themselves in your content, topic and converting into sales. A well designed and written magazine and can attract more attention than a randomly placed digital ad on a website.

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