Curious as to how the process works to get an ad-funded company profile magazine…at no cost to your business? High Style manages the project for you and guides you along step by step taking care of 95% of the work. Here is how it works and comes together for your company:

1 We will do a phone call or in person meeting with you to go over this process and the booking form. This will ensure you understand exactly what we are producing for your business and what you are receiving at no cost to your company. You will receive sample of our work and get to ask any questions you may have about the product or process.


2 We send you an email with what we require to get started which is a list of the suppliers and business partners you would like to have us contact and invite to be a part of the magazine by way of placing an advertisement to support your company and advertise to your customer base. We take care of all of the calls and securing the ad space.

3 Ad sales begin and take anywhere from 8-16 weeks depending on how many suppliers/business partners we were supplied with and how quickly they get back to us to confirm ad sizes. Again, we take care of all of the work for advertising sales and just keep you updated with weekly emails.

4 Once ad sales are completed, we will contact you to guide you along in terms of content for your magazine. This includes photography, writing, and any other content you want to include in your magazine. We have freelance writers and photographers that can assist you if needed, or maybe you already have a lot of company photos on hand we can use. Once we have all of the materials from you, we will proceed to design.

5 You will now receive a first draft of your magazine in PDF format. This includes the entire layout, including the advertising. It is at this time you can review the overall design and layout and let us know if you would like to have any changes made. We will go back and forth with PDF proofs until you are happy with how everything is looking.

6 High Style will start the proofreading process once you approve the PDF proof of your magazine. Once that is complete, we have a hard copy proof done up and send it to you for your review and final sign off.

7 You will receive the hard copy proof to sign off on for print and have options like ordering extra copies, or choosing the type of varnish/finish you want your magazine to have, etc.

8 Once we get the hard copy proof back and it’s all signed off on, we will proceed to print! This takes approximately 2 weeks. The magazines are then delivered to your location ready for you to hand them out in a variety of ways. We will give you suggestions on how to best use them and will also provide you with your interactive digital/online magazine link for distribution as well!

That’s it! We keep things simple here at High Style. We guide you along each step and if you have any questions, just call or email us. A real person answers the phone and we are prompt to respond to inquiries by email as well. Typical time frame from start to completion is 4 to 6 months. High Style manages this entire process and takes care of 95% of the work.