Establishing a brand may seem like an uphill battle for small businesses, but they actually have the upper hand against big names. Many large corporate brands try to use marketing to disguise themselves as a small business to appeal to consumers that prefer independent brands. Many entrepreneurs recognize that branding is important, but most do not know why. Branding is more than a logo or how a company is perceived. It is a way of defining your business, team, and audience.

Customers today are savvy enough to see their a company’s attempts to spin, charm, or gloss their way to a sale. That is why small businesses need to define their brand strategically. A brand should connect with consumers on an emotional level and encourage loyalty. Here are some ways to build a successful brand:


Start by reviewing the services or products your business offers and pinpoint the market space it occupies. Conduct research about your customers’ needs and concerns. Your brand should be able to connect with your consumer base while also promoting your business.

Think of Your Brand as a person

Each of us is an individual with a unique set of values, beliefs, and purposes that define who we are. Think of your brand in the same way and try to build on those characteristics.

Business Drivers

Consider what drives your business and what its purpose is. Doing so can help establish an emotional brand positioning and better inform its identity for communications.

Build Long-Term Relationships

Do not make your offers sound better than they are or raise expectations that end up resulting in broken promises. Build trust with your customers by being clear about who your company is and what its true values are.

Be Consistent

Use the same tone of voice to speak with your customers to reinforce your business’ character. That way your customers will know exactly what to expect.

Do Not Repeat the Same Messaging the Same Way

Instead of saying the same thing over and over again, make your messages work together so that they create a coherent identity. It will also make your brand feel fresh and keep it modern.

Do Not Copy Big Brands

It can be tempting to piggyback off of successful chains and big brands, but all that does is put your small business in direct competition with them. You want to, instead, carve out a distinct identity that sets your company apart from the major brands. Consumers today are instead becoming more attracted to small brands and large establishments are trying to mimic that independent business feel. Leverage this preference by staying true to your brand and attracting those customers that want something authentic and original.

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