A logo is an important part of any company’s identity. In fact, even if a company’s complete name is not integrated into their logo, most of us can still identify all the major brand names only on the basis of their logo. Here are a few reasons why logos are much more than just a graphic representation of a company.

Logo reveal identity

Your logo communicates ownership. Whether it is through printing a brochure and adding your logo or through a printed ad in a magazine or through your website, having your company logo lets the reader/audience know that you are a thriving Winnipeg business.

New customers

We live in a colourful world and today’s audience are attracted to colours and designs. Logos that occupy space in your storefront or a printed advertisement in the local Winnipeg newspaper capture the reader’s attention. They should be drawn to your logo that they generate intrigue about your product prompting them to try out your product or service.

Distinguishing your company

It can be quite difficult to establish the identity of your business amidst a pool of competing brands. An eye-catching logo helps you to do so. It helps your audience to establish a connection with your business through logo recognition. In a recently conducted experiment, several respondents were handed two cups of soft drink, one containing Pepsi and another containing Coca-Cola. Most respondents could not distinguish the products but when shown the bottles, all respondents claimed affinity to one the brands. It was concluded that without a brand logo, it was hard to distinguish identical products.

Brand Loyalty

As a marketer, we know that many times companies redesign their brand logo to make it more contemporary, or reflect some corporate change. But when it comes to consumers, research has shown that 99% of customers do not like iterations made to the logo of their favourite brand. This is because of the association they have with their favourite brand logos. Brand loyalty is huge and something all companies need to foster. A company’s logo goes a long way in ensuring this.


Ask any Winnipeg logo design service company and they will tell you why logo design is an art. A logo is one element of a brand which is omnipresent. Whether it is printing magazines, brochures, digital printing stationary or any other place, you may notice that the brand name as a whole may be absent, but logos are present. Designing a logo is an art backed by the company name, philosophy and product. It stands for what the company represents in various places.

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