Shrink-wrap is a film made from polymer plastic that shrinks when applying heat to it and is a commonly used packaging material. As it shrinks, the film adapts to the shape of the item being packaged. It completely surrounds the item and tightly securing it. Shrink-wrap is a thin but durable packaging material.

Sometimes referred to as shrink film, it is used widely in the commercial printing industry to package printed material. Many printed pieces are shrink-wrapped in bunches, but some projects require each item to be shrink-wrapped alone. A clipboard backing is often shrink-wrapped with the printed pieces to keep them rigid.

Manuals, books, calendars, catalogues, brochures, notepads, postcards, flyers, door hangers, letterhead, binder page sets and many other popular printed items are frequently shrink-wrapped.

Shrink-wrapping is considered a finishing touch and many commercial printers offer it optionally. Most of the time, applying shrink-wrap is an automated process that uses a conveyor belt, which passes through a heat tunnel. Shrink-wrapping can also be done manually using a hand-held heat gun.

Here are some reasons why you should consider shrink-wrap for your printing orders:

Reduces the Chance of Crumpled and Scuffed Corners

Because shrink-wrap secures material tightly, it restricts the movement of the pieces. That helps prevent them from rubbing against each other when transported or shifting around within a shipping carton.

Protects from Harmful Contaminants

The transparent plastic film completely encases the printing materials to shield them from dust, dirt, moisture and other damaging substances. Shrink-wrapping is an easy way to ensure printed items look crisp and fresh for longer. Even after months in storage, the materials look like new.


Printing that is shrink-wrapped in packages is much easier to store, handle and distribute than loose pieces. Also, unlike corrugated boxes, shrink-wrap does not add bulk.

Instant Product Identification

Since shrink-wrapping is fully transparent, it gives a clear view of the printed items inside. A bundle of shrink-wrapped brochures on a shelf, for example, can be quickly identified by a glimpse. On the other hand, boxed brochures on a shelf cannot be precisely identified without opening the box first and looking inside.

Counting Simplicity

Printed pieces bundled in packs of 10, 25 or any other predetermined quantity are much easier and quicker and to inventory than unsecured documents. Bundles are faster to count than individual pieces are. Shrink-wrapped packages are much more manageable and tidier as well, especially for high-gloss printing, which tends to slide around because of its slippery surface.


Shrink-wrapping is a cost-effective packaging option because of its inexpensive material and method. It might even be less than you think, especially considering all the advantages and benefits that it provides. You can worry less for a fraction of the price of other packaging options.

If you have any questions about shrink-wrap or would like to learn more about how it can benefit your specific print orders, call High Style Performance. Or, if you have a print project coming up and would like a quote, contact us for a quote. As always, we look forward to helping you with your printing needs!